The Goal

“We improve the client experience and remove the influence of commissions from the process of placing a life insurance policy.” 

  • Improve the life insurance underwriting process for high net-worth clients
  • Prioritize Privacy Protection 
  • Remove the influence of commissions and incentive compensation on life insurance program redesigns and recommendations
  • Minimize Life Insurance expense on overall portfolio return
  • Keep pace with clients net worth growth in bull markets
  • Provide fiduciary opinion on trust-owned life insurance assets to protect trustee

The Problem

Agent compensation structures and government regulation have served the majority of life insurance consumers well, but for very high net worth clients and very low-income families the system inadvertently works against their best interests. 

 High net worth tax advisors appreciate life insurance as a tax leveraged planning tool, but the advisor and the client, are often hesitant to engage in the process of a securing a life insurance policy because getting a life insurance contract in place can be overly complicated, invasive and lack transparency. In addition, the presence of very large commissions create inherent conflict for clients and attorney’s accustomed to fee-based advisors operating as fiduciaries.  

Some delay the process so long that their age or health prevents them from ever qualifying for a policy and as a result the government ends up with a far larger share of the family’s wealth than might be required by law.   


For low income families commissions have gotten so low that agents can’t afford to invest time in serving this market, so the percentage of families covered by life insurance is at a historic low.

Most Agents are not mortality experts; if an agent does a bad job they can actually earn more with the client and fee-based advisor being none-the-wiser.

In the rush to a big payday or just out of plain ignorance, commission-driven agents sometimes unnecessarily expose private client information to too many carriers and many third-party vendors through an assembly line approach. Just look at authorization forms and you will discover they often include 50 to 100 vendors before they sign.

 Philanthropic Life threw away the archaic practice of one-size-fits-all and designed a creative tailored process that brings the market to the negotiating table to bid on your client’s large policy without over-exposing their most personal past or current lifestyle, medical and financial information.

To learn more, download our white paper (link)

The Solution

We reverse the process entirely.  We negotiate binding offers from the life insurance carriers before an agent is contacted.

We negotiate both price and underwriting requirements to make it less invasive on the client.

We eliminate the influence of commissions from the process. We do the work as independent fee-based fiduciaries and donate the commission to charity.

We allow the trusted fee-based advisor to control the process and protect the client’s most sensitive personal, medical, and financial details.

We give the fee-based advisor access to the entire carrier market without the need for multiple traditional agent visits/calls.

You can now place very large face life insurance policies without ever having to meet with a retail commission-based life insurance agent or broker.


Who we are

We are life insurance industry insiders, who have seen the good the bad and the ugly of life insurance distribution over the last 30 years. We have seen capitalism and the free market intersection with government regulation at it’s best and at it’s worst. 

We are disruptive innovators transforming the life insurance industry and our communities on scale.

We are philanthropists who are frustrated that we are not moving the needle far enough or fast enough.

We are small government free market capitalists that recognize the markets are demanding more compassion and more meaningful and impactful engagement from business and if we don’t figure out how to move the needle we might lose the opportunity to try.

We are social entrepreneurs who formed a public benefit corporation to support sustainable cross sector collaboration to move the needle on economic development, education and race relations in a way that breaks down or bypasses systemic silos to effect meaningful and lasting change in our society while preserving the values and freedoms we hold dear.

We are one of the Alveare platform companies.

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